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Three-Year-Old Dials 999 To Report Drunk Babysitter

Drunk babysitter Jacqueline Robertson A court has heard how an anxious three-year-old child used a mobile telephone to call 999 and report his drunk babysitter, Jacqueline Robertson.

Perth Sheriff Court heard that the emergency services took the call just after midnight on October 16. The toddler told the operator the woman looking after him needed help.

Police were dispatched to the house in Perth and tried to gain entry.

Fiscal depute Rebecca Kynaston said: 'The front door was locked and when they rang the doorbell a three-year-old boy came to the door. When he was informed it was the police he unlocked the door for them.

'They shouted that it was the police but there was no immediate reply. The accused was found sitting in the living room and officers asked about her well-being.'

Rebecca Kynaston said it was 'obvious' Robertson had been drinking, but that the officers had no immediate concern for the toddler's safety and left.

A second call was then made from the house, this time by a female. Officers returned to the property but were told they were not needed.

The police officers advised woman and child to go to bed, but Robertson became aggressive when it was suggested the infant should stay somewhere else.

The court heard that Robertson started shouting and swearing at the officers and the boy became upset and was 'screaming.'

Robertson then reportedly picked up a glass from the kitchen area and threw it towards a police constable, hitting the ground near her.

Robertson's solicitor David Holmes said his client's drunk state explained her 'regrettable behaviour'.

He said: 'She was well into a second bottle when this took place. She realises the trouble she has caused and doesn't drink to that level anymore.'

Sheriff Robert McCreadie has deferred sentence for a month and called for social work reports.

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