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Women Would Move House For Free Fertility Treatment

Relocate for IVF A poll conducted by She magazine has found that two thirds of women would RELOCATE to get free fertility treatment on the NHS.

A thousand women took park in the survey, with 80% of respondents saying they knew someone with fertility problems, whilst one in four women had themselves discussed fertility fears with doctors.

A fifth had experienced financial difficulties because of fertility treatment, and a similar number said their relationship had been placed under strain because of struggles to conceive.

And as Primary Care Trusts in England make their own decision as to whether to offer free cycles of IVF, it's not entirely surprising that two thirds of women would move in order to get free treatment.

Speaking to London's Evening Standard, Clare Lewis-Jones from the Infertility Network support network said it was a struggle to access free treatment for some couples in England but warned moving was not necessarily the answer:

'Funding for IVF in Scotland is stable and nearly everybody gets three cycles if they need them, and have done for a long time,' she said.

'If people are staying in England, then moving would not guarantee them treatment - they could move and then find out the next day that their PCT has stopped funding IVF.

'Whichever way patients turn, they have no guarantees of even being able to try the treatment that gives them the only chance of having a family.

'Couples should not have to face that added pressure as well as dealing with infertility.

'NICE based its guidelines of three free cycles on the fact that this gives couples the best chance of having a baby. For many PCTs it's a very low priority - it's not seen as an illness despite the World Health Organisation recognising infertility as a disease.'

She's Editor Claire Irvin commented on the findings, saying: 'Whenever we run a story in She magazine about infertility or IVF, we are overwhelmed by the candid and emotional letters and emails we receive from desperate couples who are reluctant to speak out about their treatment as infertility is such a private subject.

'It is something that affects tens of thousands of women across the UK - including members of our own team and should be given the priority it deserves.'

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