24/03/2011 16:30 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Working Parents Get Just 90 Minutes Rest Time A Day

working parents get just 90 mins rest a day
Does this sound about right? Mums and dads' hectic work schedules mean they get just 90 minutes a day to themselves, a study has found.

Three thousand working parents were polled in the Co-operative food survey, and the results found the average parent wakes 6.42am and does not return to bed until 10.45pm.

They will then spend eight hours and 12 minutes working; around seven hours in the office, with another hour and a quarter using their laptops remotely.

After getting up, the average working parent will spend a total of 55 minutes showering, dressing and eating breakfast, with 47 minutes spent getting their children ready for school or nursery. Another hour will be taken up on the commute work and school runs.

Later in the day, the afternoon pick-ups from school and clubs takes another 33 minutes, with dinner preparation and eating taking 46 minutes.

Family time is then reduced to just an hour and nine minutes, before the children are put to bed. Housework then takes up an hour and 13 minutes, with only an hour and a half remaining for relaxation and unwinding.

This hectic timetable left 64 per cent of those polled feeling they spent 'most of their time' working, whilst 26 per cent claimed they would have a better sex life if they weren't so exhausted.

Almost four in 10 parents said they would like a bit of time alone to read books, while 34 per cent would relish the opportunity to exercise. A lie-in, or just some time to put their feet up was desired by a third of mums and dads.

Helen Bridgett, of Co-operative, said: 'Our survey shows that working parents feel under enormous pressure to succeed both professionally and personally.

'For many, life has become one big juggling act, and it means people have very little time to pursue their hobbies and interests, let alone give their beloved family members the quality time they deserve.'

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