28/03/2011 05:03 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Sex During Pregnancy: It's Perfectly Safe, Say Medics

sex during pregnancy A study has revealed women can enjoy sex throughout pregnancy without endangering their unborn baby.

Researchers in the US and Canada collated information and findings from previous studies which examined the possible risks from intercourse to mum and baby, including the belief that sex can help induce labour.

The researchers found sex during pregnancy is 'common' and 'normal', but concede it can become tricky during the final few weeks.

The only risks were for mums expecting multiples or who had previously had a premature birth, but even then, scientists said, there was little evidence to show an increased risk.

Previous studies compared 11,000 pregnant women, half who were sexually active, half who abstained from sex, and found no differences between the two groups. Another set of research focused on women who had previously experienced at least one premature birth. Again, regular sex was not found to increase the risk.

The report - which has just been published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal - also found women generally begin having sex within one or two months of delivery.

Dr Clair Jones, of the Department of Obstetrics, at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York commented on the findings, saying: 'Sex in pregnancy is normal. Patients with low-risk pregnancies should feel comfortable engaging in sexual activity as they please.'

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