30/03/2011 07:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Prime Minister Is "Terrified Of Trying To Find A Good State Secondary School For My Children"

David Cameron has admitted that he is "terrifed" at the thought of finding a decent state secondary school for his kids.

The comment, which is sure to enrage teachers and parents, came after years of being criticised for his own private school background at Eton. The PM insists his children will attend a state school rather than a private school, but is concerned about the number of good state schools in London.

His children are currently six and four years old.

He voiced his concerns: "'Am I going to find a good secondary school for my children? I feel it as a parent, let alone as a politician."
Several other politicians in the past have come under fire for their choice of school for their children. Tony Blair was blasted for sending his children to the Catholic London Oratory School, and Harriet Harman was constantly criticised for sending hers to selective schools.

Westminster City Council, the Prime Minister's local education authority has jumped to defend itself, claiming all their schools were providing 'first-rate education'. The PM has now been invited to view some of the local schools.

Of the schools in the local area, several are considered 'outstanding'. However, other schools in the area suffer from widespread behavioural problems.

Unsurprisingly, Shadow Schools Secretary Ed Balls disagrees, "David Cameron should open his eyes to the many excellent state schools in his part of London, many of which have new buildings and the very best facilities to learn, play and do sport."

What do you think about the PMs comments? Honest, or harmful to the current educational system?