30/03/2011 06:44 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The X Factor Wii Game: ParentDish Review

So what to do on Saturday nights now that Matt Cardle has been crowned King of The X Factor? Well, you could start by playing the X Factor video game, a new party game just released.

Like the Disney Sing It games, this has a karaoke format where players gain points depending on how well they belt out the numbers. Only here, instead of playing a game you're following your "career". And that career follows the X Factor format we know so well, starting with auditions, and moving on to judges' houses, then finally live shows.

But it doesn't feature the six months later stage, where nobody's heard of you and your single scrapes to number 68 in the chart. Perhaps they're saving that for the next game.

There's also the opportunity to hang out in your own star dressing room and customise your avatar.

Down side to this game is that the animated figures aren't great - the judges are bland, generic figures. A real missed oportunity for a mini Simon Cowell. My daughter complained that the characters "are all very skinny and not like real people at all". Though she did enjoy playing the game and had to be dragged off it at bedtime.

The music choices are good, with something for every age group, from Lady Gaga's Paparazzi to Blondie's Call Me. The game is rated 12, which seems to be related to the grown up lyrics of some of the songs. Other than that the content is quite tame - I would be happy with my younger children playing this. X Factor Wii is a fun party game for all ages.

The X Factor videogame is out now in a variety of formats - choose from the game alone, or packs containing one or two microphones. Also available for XBox360 and Playstation. You will need at least one microphone to play. Priced from £29.99