01/04/2011 11:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

One In Five Women Drinks Too Much Booze

Equality of the sexes is one thing, but when it comes to drinking does being equal to men mean we should be boozing as much as them too? Whatever your opinion on the subject, the fact is that women do seem to be catching up with men where alcohol intake is concerned. At least that's the findings of the latest figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

red-wine-women-alcohol How many glasses a day do you drink? Photo: Getty Images, David Silverman

In just ten years the number of women drinking more than the recommended level of alcohol (14 units a week) has grown by a fifth, the statistics show. Now, almost one in five women officially drinks too much, compared with 15 to 26 strength wine, for instance, contains two units - so if you have more than two glasses a day, you're over your limit for the week.

The figures also show the number of women drinking what officials term as 'hazardous' amounts of alcohol - that is, more than 35 units a week - has also doubled in the last ten years to one in 20.

If you've been drinking too much recently, try our tips on how to have a booze break.

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