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Home Style: 20 Questions With Tamara Mellon

I hardly need say that Tamara Mellon, OBE knows a little something about style. As founder and chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo, she has created a superbrand that is lusted after the world over - but she's far from finished empire-building. Not content merely with having conquered the world of women's shoes, Tamara's next move was to create (and star, to stunning effect, in the campaign for) the first Jimmy Choo fragrance. Then there are the men's shoes, Choo 24:7 bags range - covering everything from laptop cases to carry-on trollies, sunglasses, scarves - the list of fabulousness goes on. Next stop: world domination.

We ventured into Jimmy Choo world and grabbed ten minutes with Tamara to find out more about the mogul and mum who now calls New York City home:

Tamara Mellon epitomises the glamorous Jimmy Choo woman. Pic: Deborah Anderson

1. Tamara, last year you moved into a stunning penthouse apartment in New York's Upper East Side. Does New York now feel like home?
Yes. My daughter and I are very happy here.

2. What drew you to the apartment?
It is an amazing space with such high windows, so it gets so much light and has amazing views. It is also in an idyllic neighbourhood very near the park.

3. What would you say are the best things about living in New York City?
There is such an energy here. There is always so much going on, somewhere to go or something to see.

4. How does it differ from London life?
I absolutely love London too - I really miss it and all my friends who live there.

5. Could you describe in one sentence the style of the apartment?
It is my own signature look, something that is both modern and old and glamorous, a bit of '70s but a bit minimal.

6. Would you say that your homes have a signature look or do you like to experiment and change things up style-wise from place to place?
I have a very discerning and particular sense of style so this follows me wherever I go. This place is exactly the same as my apartment was in London. My old apartment building in London was a school that was converted into an apartment, and this was too. It was the original Lycée Français in New York.

7. Do you work with interior designers or are your homes "all you"?
I worked very closely with Martyn Lawrence Bullard on the interior decoration for the apartment. What I love about him is that he can take your look, digest it, and then magnify it by a hundred.

8. Is your closet larger or smaller than the one Big built for Carrie?
I have to confess it is rather large. I work with a company called Practical Princess who put all of my accessories and clothing into meticulous form and order every season, we also archive accessories annually. I am hoping Minty [Tamara's daughter] is the same shoe size as me!

9. What three words would you most like people to use if describing your home?
Chic, luxurious, sexy.

The Tony shoe bag, part of the CHOO 24:7 bag collection. Pic: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

10. What was the last thing you bought for your home?
A Terence Koh installation that reads: "Love For Eternity" in neon lights.

11. What would we see on the walls in your home? Are you an art collector?
Yes. I absolutely love contemporary art, I collect a mix - everything from artists like Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki and 1960s London photographer Jim Lee, I also have six large-scale photographs from Guido Mocafico of vibrantly coloured coiled snakes.

12. In which room at home are you happiest?
I love to relax on the sofa in my living room. I have a hidden sweetie supply in the table in front.

13. Where do you spend the most time at home?
At my desk and in my bed!

14. Did you let your daughter, Minty, style her own bedroom and does she have input on the rest of the house?
The fact that Minty's room is entirely pink I think answers that one! And of course she also had a little input on the rest of the house with Martyn and I here or there, but no more pink!

Tess, in leopard print pony, £1195. Available from £595 in classic calf. Pic: Courtesy of Jimmy Choo

15. Is it true that you are having a playground and swimming pool built on the roof terrace of your apartment?
Development of the terrace is a long term plan, but I hope so.

16. As the Jimmy Choo superbrand continues to grow, with fragrance and luggage now part of the empire, might we see you expanding into homeware too one day?
We have a long wish list and homeware is definitely on it!

17. What do you most look forward to about returning home at the end of a busy day?
Spending time with my daughter Minty.

18. Do you pick up many pieces for your homes when travelling?
I am constantly inspired by things I find on my travels. I never plan to buy a piece of art, I buy it in the moment and this can happen anywhere.

19. Where and what would be your ultimate fantasy home?
I am pretty in love with my apartment to be honest, it is a dream come true. My other ideal would be by the beach in St Barts.

20. No home should be without...what?

Family and friends, I love filling my home with loved ones.

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