05/04/2011 13:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Generation Of Flat Heads: Sleeping On Back Flattens Babies' Heads

Generation of flat heads Researchers in the US have found increased numbers of babies with flat heads - or plagiocephaly - as parents follow advice to put tots to sleep on their backs.

Experts claim that between 1999 and 2007 the rate of flat headed babies increased nine-fold from three to 29 cases per 10,000 live births in Texas.

Medics in the UK say they have also noticed an increase, as mums and dads place their infants back-down on firm mattresses, and sit them from an early age in car seats and buggies.

Gill Ruff from the Craniofacial Support Charity told the BBC that modern prams and pushchairs add to the effect, explaining: 'Babies used to have prams with a softer place to rest their head. Now buggies and car seats are much harder.'

Parents have been advised to adopt the 'Back to Sleep' position since 1994, when a campaign with the same name was started to help reduce the numbers of children dying from cot death or SIDS.

What do you think? Do you put your bin any position other than on his or her back? Have you noticed more 'flat headed' children in recent years?

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