06/04/2011 06:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Suri Cruise Birthday: £13,000 Circus Party

Suri Cruise birthday If reports are to be believed, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are set to flash £13,000 of cash for daughter Suri's circus themed fifth birthday party this month.

Whilst us mere mortals eye up our garden and wonder if we have the space for a hired bouncy castle, the Cruises have been ordering giraffes and elephants to parade around the grounds of their £21million Beverley Hills home.

And as we ring around the local entertainers to try and find one who doesn't scare the children or cost more than £50 an hour, Tom and Katie are busy briefing the professional actors they've hired to entertain Suri's guests, (rumoured to include the three Beckham boys who live nearby).

A friend of the family told reporters the actors will be dressed as characters from Suri's favourite book, Alice in Wonderland, saying:

'Suri loves Alice so they're going to deck out their home exactly like the fantasy. They want to make it extra special for her.'


What do you think? Even if you had the Cruise's wealth, would you flaunt it with parties like this?

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