07/04/2011 11:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kate V Camilla: The Bride Wants Flowers In Her Hair, While Camilla Favours A Tiara

Kate Middleton wants to wear flowers in her hair on when she gets married, but Camilla favours tiaras. Photos: PA

Kate Middleton is reportedly having a royal wedding style quandary about whether to wear flowers in her hair, or opt for a traditional tiara.

Her stepmother-to-be Camilla is in favour of a tiara, while Kate is leaning towards floral accessories.

It is another indication, along with using minibuses to move guests around, which Charles and Camilla won't be riding in, that Kate and WiIliam are keen to keep their wedding a little less formal than older generations of royals might like.

If Kate chooses to wear flowers, she will be giving up the opportunity to choose from the finest and most historic royal jewellery collection in the world.

Princess Diana wore the Spencer family tiara made from gems received as wedding presents by Queen Mary, wife of George V, which was modelled on a tiara owned by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge. It has been in a safe at Buckingham Palace since Diana died.

Not having a family 'fender', Kate could also borrow any number of royal pieces.

The Queen's favourite is The Girls Of Great Britain And Ireland, so-named because it was a wedding present for Queen Mary funded by young women. There is also the smaller Duchess of Teck, a present to Queen Mary from her mother, who also had this title.

Ladbrokes jointly favours, at 3-1, the Cambridge Lover's Knot or a modern one designed by Kate's favourite jewellery designer, Vinnie Day.

What do you think? Should Kate wear flowers in her hair? Or opt for a traditional tiara?