13/04/2011 11:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Another Celeb, Another Pregnancy Memoir: Denise Van Outen This Time

Denise Van Outen, Bumpalicious Denise Van Outen has joined the already swollen ranks of celeb mums who have published their pregnancy memoirs.

This one is called Bumpalicious and Denise was publicising her new book at Mamas & Papas, new fave hang out of yummy mummies.

The book blurb reads:

"'When Denise found out she was expecting Betsy, she went straight out and bought a wide range of titles, from celebrity mumoir to practical guides to eating and exercising properly. But all of these books were missing something - the element of fun!

'Bumpalicious is much more than just a pregnancy diary - as well as Denise's own personal experiences, you'll also find helpful hints and tips, non-judgemental advice, nutritional and technical advice from food and fitness experts and, above all, a book that encourages you to relax and ENJOY the excitement of pregnancy and the first few months of being a new mum.

The road to giving birth may be a bumpy one but it's not all swollen ankles and morning sickness. A frank first-hand account of what to expect when you're expecting, reading BUMPALICIOUS is like sitting down and having a good old natter with Denise, from the comfort of your couch.'

Doesn't sound too bad, however grumpy we want to be.

And she does look shockingly good, darn it.

Mind you the photogenic baby isn't Betsy, but a cute baby boy Denise 'borrowed' for the book launch.

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