13/04/2011 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Sitting In The Middle Of The Road Is Almost Hit By Bus

A horrified bus driver managed to stop his vehicle just inches away from a baby who was sitting in the middle of a busy road.

The incident happened in San Antonio, Texas, USA, just after midnight.

Bus driver Mike Hubbard was driving his usual route when he noticed something strange on the road in front of him.

He thought it might be a dog but as he drew nearer the driver twigged that it was actually a baby, sitting there wearing just a nappy.

He slammed on the brakes and stopped just in time.

Mr Hubbard told local news station WOAI-TV: "I was definitely in shock. From a distance I can't tell exactly what it is. It looks like a dog, something moving around, I can't really tell what it was.

"I started slowing down and then I noticed it's a baby in the middle of the street."

You can see the terrifying footage for yourself here - it was captured by a camera on the bus.

Once he had stopped the bus, Mr Hubbard then got out to see what was going on.

He told the TV station: "To me he looked like he was eight months old with a Pamper (nappy), just sitting there. I couldn't tell if he was eating something or not. But, his eyes got real big when he saw the big old bus in front of him."

Then suddenly the child's father turned up, grabbed the baby and ran off.

The video footage has come to light as it is being used as evidence in a child custody case. reports that the baby is a girl, called Destiny Flores, who is now two years old.

Destiny's mother Catherine Gonzalez, 25, and her husband are now fighting to keep custody of the child and their other two daughters.

They say they had no idea that their daughter had got out of the house and she must have crept out through a door which they thought was locked.

Mrs Gonzalez told WOAI-TV: "It was an accident, that's all it was. It could happen to anybody in the world, you know.

"It's not like we weren't paying attention, you know. I could have swore all my kids were in the back watching TV and they were doing fine. It was just the biggest accident and it hurts me." reports that Texas child protective services will make a decision in a few weeks about whether the parents will be allowed to keep their children.

What do you think? Could this have happened to anyone?