14/04/2011 10:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

My Stylish Life: InèS De La Fressange And Sophie Gachet

Inès de la Fressange. Photo: Paolo Roversi

Inès de la Fressange is officially the Queen of chic. As the original Chanel muse, a model and consultant for Jean Paul Gaultier and now, the author of the style guide, Parisian Chic, she has become a true fashion icon. MyDaily caught up with the French star and her co-writer for Parisian Chic, Sophie Gachet, to find out some of their top style secrets. We've started our fashion to-do list already.

Who are your style icons?
Inès: I would say Katharine Hepburn or simply somebody that looks comfortable. Anyone who wears mens clothes and looks feminine is also very stylish.
Sophie: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Inès: I think she was beautiful but it was all down to Givenchy. With a style icon, it's a question of attitude. The answer can just be 'Hepburn'.

What's the one item of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe?
Inès: A navy blue sweater or a blazer.
Sophie: I would say it's a black, turtle neck sweater.
Inès: Lots of very simple, basics.

Is there a look that you love but can't pull of?
Sophie: Well you change all the time. Ines said she will never wear orange,and now she wears orange all the time.
Inès: In fashion, a look you can't pull off doesnt exist. Except maybe leggings; they are always awful.

Do you read any fashion blogs? Do you have any favourites?
Inès: Yes of course, we love Fonelle and Jak and Jil.

What is your most extravagant purchase?
Sophie: She has the most extravagant things.
Inès: im the spender ;do you want the most extravagant of the month, week, the year or my life?! If it's of the month, I bought two red handbags one from Chloé and one from Céline and to buy two red bags in one month means you have to be mad. I know I will end up going everywhere with my Roger Vivier one!

Parisian Chic. Photo: Flammarion

Can you describe your style in five words?
Inès: Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring...but when everything is put together it's fine.
Sophie: Mine's black, black, black, black, black.

Who would you most like to swap wardrobes with?
Inès: Alexa Chung? Although it would be much more fun with Beyoncé or someone like that. In fashion, everything is possible!

What would you like to see Kate Middleton wear on her wedding day?
Sophie: Something by Alexander McQueen would be great.
Inès: I would like to see something from Saville Row. A tuxedo jacket in pink; how chic!

What's the best piece of fashion advice you have ever been given?
Inès: Even if you're short, wear flat shoes sometimes and go shopping in the men's section.
Sophie: Never attempt to mix things up too much; keep it simple.

Which up and coming fashion talents do you rate?

Inès: Guillaume Henry at Carven. He's very handsome too.
Sophie: Bouchra Jarrar.

Parisian Chic is available to buy online now.