21/04/2011 10:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Odds-On: Royal Wedding Wagers

In the age-old tradition of making things more interesting by betting* we're turning our attention to royal wedding odds.

We assume winnings will be paid in Will and Kate commemorative wedding coins. Photo: David Parry/PA

It seems you can place a bet on pretty much any aspect of the wedding you can think of, from the colour of the dress to the success of gatecrashers. In the spirit of journalistic enquiry – and not at all hoping to make at least enough cash to keep us in Pimm's for the rest of the summer – we've taken a look at some of the wedding wagers you can make.

On the slightly macabre end of things we have a black bridal gown with odds of 80/1 and a wedding breakfast consisting of corgi meat at 500/1 from Paddy Power.

For those hoping for a more EastEnders-style affair, William Hill are giving 100/1 on Kate jilting Will at the altar (although interestingly, no-one seems to be offering odds on the reverse happening), while Paddy Power think an objection from the congregation is far more likely at 3/1.

The first sermon cliché to make an appearance is also up for consideration, although Paddy Power seem to be conflating 'clichés' with 'unavoidable turns of phrase at a wedding' by including "husband and wife" (8/1), "successful marriage" (16/1) and "friends and family" (14/1). We're vaguely hoping that Richard Chartres will set himself a personal challenge to avoid every single word on the list, perhaps delivering the sermon entirely through the medium of interpretive dance.

The award for most depressing set of odds, however, must surely go to William Hill who are taking bets on the royal couple's first dance. The whole thing reads like a karaoke addict's Spotify account – Nilsson? Snow Patrol? Whitney? - where's Agadoo?

Frankly, if Will and Kate plump for bookies' favourite You're Beautiful (5/1) as they hit the dancefloor, they're welcome to each other.

*Not actually true – the royal wedding is clearly endlessly fascinating even if you don't stand to make a fortune by being right about the Queen throwing the first punch at the reception.

Odds retrieved 19 April 2011.