26/04/2011 08:29 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Headteachers On 100k Salaries

Headteachers on 100k salaries PA

It has been revealed than more than 1,000 head teachers are raking in £100,000+ salaries, with some even earning more than the PRIME MINISTER.

Figures show that the number of headteachers and their deputies taking home more than £100,000 per annum has doubled in the past year. David Cameron receives a salary of £142,500.The findings have outraged staff on lower salaries, many of whom are demanding the teachers concerned should be named and shamed. Meanwhile, public sector pay experts made a call for Government caps to be put on heads' pay packets, warning these super salaries were causing a strain on public funds.

Professor John Howson, a researcher for Education Data Surveys, told the Daily Mail: 'Successive governments have ducked the issue. It has never been reined it. The Government must police it and regulate it.

'This increase in salaries and pensions will put a massive burden on the public purse as their pension scheme is taxpayer funded.'

Officially, only 700 heads are being paid in excess of £100,000, but Professor Howson says the true figure is around 1,000 and could be as high as 1,600 because the figures from the Department for Education did not include all of the 21,000 primary and secondary schools in England.

Are you shocked that some head teachers could be taking home more than the Prime Minister?
Or do you think it is fair? Do you think ALL heads should be on 100k + salaries?

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