27/04/2011 13:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Jennifer Aniston Buys A New York City Flat

The actress settles on a Manhattan penthouse listed for $5.9 million (about £3.5 million). Want to take a look inside?

You'd think that once you get your home onto the cover of the American design monthly Architectural Digest, you can probably relax for a while. But then again, why should Jennifer Aniston play by the same rules as everybody else? After posing seductively on a velvet chair in the magazine's March 2010 issue and proclaiming "I am so proud of this house", Aniston has apparently decided it's time for a change. She's listed the Los Angeles home for $42 million (about £25.3 million) and snapped up this flat in New York City's West Village.

jennifer-aniston-home Victor Chavez, Wire Image; Trulia

The maisonette is on the 18th floor of a stunning West Village building, surrounded by private terraces that can be seen by the many windows throughout the place. What else can you see from those windows? Oh, just the New York Harbor and Empire State Building, nothing special.

One more perk of those windows - they make an otherwise stark and cold kitchen look inviting. (The orchid doesn't hurt either). And in case you had any doubt, this kitchen is brand spanking new - a far cry from the home's original 1958 kitchen.

More windows and a peek at the exposed brick on the outside. The place spans 1,477 square feet - practically a mansion in New York. Especially sprawled out over a humble 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom.

And oh...that terrace. Last year, Aniston told Architectural Digest that she's a big entertainer - so we imagine that this area will get a lot of attention.

And of course, should any party get interrupted by rain, guests can step right into the living room. We're positive she'll redecorate from these staged photos but we hope she takes advantage of that giant white wall to put up some incredible artwork - it's one of the only walls in the home that's not broken up by a window! (Not a bad problem to have).

We saved this hallway photo for last. Why? Because it perfectly illustrates how massive her apartment is, by New York standards. Any non-celeb home would count an area this wide as its own room...not a space for passing through!