27/04/2011 12:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum's Big Mac Diet Results In 10lb Whopper

Mum's Big Mac diet results in 10lb whopper Getty

When Suzanne Franklin, 23, found out she was pregnant, she was particularly concerned about her diet - but not in terms of piling on baby weight. The young mum is allergic to practically everything, and has to police every morsel that passes her lips.

With all types of fruit and veg off the menu, as well as dairy products, fish and eggs, Suzanne began feasting on the one thing she knew she could eat without having an allergic reaction: a McDonald's Big Mac burger.
Suzanne lived off the burgers - minus the lettuce and cheese - for her entire pregnancy, and gave birth to her own little whopper when baby Harry weighed in at 10lbs 2oz.

Suzanne told reporters she had been worried that her Big Mac diet - which she supplemented with Pot Noodles and chocolate - could cause developmental problems with her baby:
'I was worried that I wasn't getting enough nutrients for myself and the baby, but Harry definitely proved that wrong. I just couldn't believe it when the doctors told me what he weighed."

The young mum - who lives in the West Midlands with her partner, Paul Wilson, 27 - has been suffering allergic reactions to certain foods since she was two, and nearly died at 15, when her throat closed up after eating a kiwi fruit.

Tests on little Harry have revealed he has sadly inherited a lot of his mum's dietary intolerances, but Suzanne said there's one thing she knows he'll be able to eat safely: 'At least he won't be allergic to burgers.'

Do you have a restricted diet due to allergies? Did you survive pregnancy on odd food stuffs? What do you think about Suzanne's story?