10/05/2011 08:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Countryfile's Adam Henson's Children Get Death Threats

Adam Henson's fear: Countryfile star's kids get death threats Alamy

Adam Henson, presenter of BBC1's Countryfile series, has spoken of his fears for his children after animal rights extremists made death threats against them.

Adam, 45, says he received hate mail from activists threatening his family after he reported on controversial plans to cull badgers.

Speaking at a farming conference, Adam said: 'There are some very nasty extremists about. I have had some serious hate letters from them – things like, 'We are going to burn your children'.'

Adam, who has two children, Alfie, nine and Ella, 13, insisted his report on the badger cull was balanced and in line with BBC policy:

'These guidelines are very strict. So you will never hear me saying that we should be culling badgers. My hands are completely tied on the issue.

'I cannot campaign for anything at all – I simply report what is being said on both sides. But this is a hugely emotive subject and we have to realise that there are extremists on both sides of the argument.'

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