12/05/2011 13:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Snap! Is Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress A Copy Of This Bride's Gown?

Isabella Orsini and Kate Middleton royal wedding dress copy Snap! Comparisons are being drawn between Kate's dress and Isabella Orsini's bridal gown. Photos:PA

It was arguably one of the best kept secrets in fashion history, and the moment royal wedding dress is one that we knew would still be being talked about for days, weeks and years to come - and the latest point of interest lies in its striking similarity to another bridal gown.

Comparisons are being made between Kate's Sarah Burton design, and that of another princess: Isabella Orsini, who wed her Belgian beau Prince Edouard de Ligne, two years ago.

Former actress Isabella - who is also the goddaughter of Italian prime minister Silvio Burlusconi - walked down the aisle in a not-too-disimilar gown, which featured the same style lace sleeves and V neckline, as well as a corseted bodice, full skirt and theatrical long train. Both brides also wore long veils with tiaras.

Isabella Orsini and Kate Middleton's wedding dresses strikingly similar The similiarities between the two designs have led the royal bride to be branded "Copy-Kate". Photos:PA

Ms Orsini's gown was created by Belgian designer Gerald Watelet.

Such is the likeness in the two gowns, that several European papers and magazines have been branding the new Duchess of Cambridge went out to go to church, I thought her dress was a copy of mine," Isabella told Italian magazine Novella 2000.

"It means Kate Middleton has good taste."

While granted, the dresses aren't polar opposites, we reckon Kate's Alexander McQueen design outshines Isabella's gown. We prefer the nipped-in waist, the heavy folds in the skirt and the delicate emboirdery. But that's just our humble opinion.

What do you think? Are the two dresses too similar? Or is there a world of difference? Let us know below!

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