12/05/2011 23:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Two Daughters Create Family Harmony

Two daughters makes a harmonious family At last, the definitive rule for happy families has been revealed - two daughters!

A poll of 2,116 families has found that the most harmonious households are those which have two female offspring in the family make-up.

The research found that sisters under 16 are quieter around the house, helpful and play together more than siblings in any other family configuration.

But double the mix and trouble begins - the survey also discovered that one in three parents who have four girls had around FOUR rows a day whilst trying to keep the peace!

The poll was undertaken by Bounty, whose spokesperson said: 'Going from two to four girls takes you from one extreme to another. Doubling boys has much less impact.'

Does this ring true for you?
Do you have two daughters? Is it all sweetness and light?
Or do you have four, and nothing but bickering?

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