13/05/2011 15:18 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Casualty Fan Saves Baby's Life With Skills Learned From Show

Casualty fan saves baby life with skills learned from show Corbis

When Casualty fan Mandy Briscoe sat down for her regular fix of the show last week, she had no idea that she would learn resuscitation techniques which would save a baby's life.

But just days later, Mandy, 53, was shopping in an Essex supermarket when she heard a woman screaming hysterically that her baby was ill.

Mandy sprang into action upon seeing frantic Kerry Shaw begging for help as her eight-week-old daughter Kianna stopped breathing and turned blue.

'I heard a lady screaming 'my baby, my baby',' Mandy told reporters, 'I turned round and saw the mother frantically trying to hand her baby, who had stopped breathing and was blue by that point, to someone else to help. It was horrifying.'

Mandy, who suffers from severe anxiety, said it was completely out of character for her to get involved:

'Normally in a situation like that I would run away from the crowd, not towards it,' she said. 'But there was this voice in my head that said to save the baby and so I just abandoned everything and started running. When I finally got to the baby I just grabbed her, threw her over my shoulder and hit her back with cupped hands whilst blowing in her face. I then started to undress her to give her some air. I remember just being so relieved when she started crying. I held her up so everyone could see and then kissed her. Everyone was applauding.'

The baby was taken to hospital, but has since been discharged. Her grateful mum, Kerry, 38, said Mandy was a hero who had saved Kianna's life:

'I can't thank her enough,' she said. 'When Kianna went blue I was just hysterical and didn't know what do. I was convinced I'd lost her. I can't explain the relief I felt when I first heard that cry. It was so lucky that Mandy was there and acted the way she did.'

What a lovely story! Well done Mandy!