15/05/2011 06:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

MyDaily Moments At Cannes Film Festival: Day Three

Tilda Swinton Weekends don't exist in Cannes, the glamour goes on and if you stop for a moment you might just miss an A-list arrival. But after a long hard week I thought it was only right I try and find a party to attend on my first Friday night in Cannes. The invites weren't exactly rolling in but I decided a little piece of paper wasn't going to stop me. Here are my five MyDaily moments from Cannes Film Festival day three...

1. Watching journalists shout expletives in a multitude of languages at the burly festival door men, after we'd queued for over an hour to try and watch Lynne Ramsay's We Need To Talk About Kevin, starring the amazing Tilda Swinton. I put it down to Friday 13th bad luck as the 'full' sign was shoved up in front of our faces, but other hacks took the less elegant approach.

2. I had a lovely meeting with first time British director Tim Hewitt, who has swapped acting on TV for film making and brought his debut film to Cannes. He ran me through the artwork for the movie and explained the process of getting a film into the festival. After hearing about the plot and the characters I can't wait to see it. Tim described it as "the UK's first naturalistic film, a cross between The Office and the Blair Witch Project". The ghostly-horror film is based on a true story revolving around the tale of The Unknown Sailor at The Devil's Punch Bowl in Surrey.

3. After meeting up with two editors from the UK they persuaded me to come with them to a fashion show and launch party for a new Bollywood film (OK it didn't take much persuasion). Naturally my name wasn't on the door list but I got in with a smile and found myself in a beautiful marquee on the beach, surrounded by waiters serving free wine and canapés.

4. Following a few free glasses of wine I set my sights on a bigger and more exclusive party that I'd heard was being held at the Ritz Carlton. Having learned through Twitter that Robert De Niro was there earlier I knew I had to get in somehow. I arrived at the Little White Lies party at the Carlton Hotel's private beach and told them I was a plus one to someone whose name I knew was on the list. The door lady replied, "yes he's on the list but he doesn't have a plus one." I told her there must have been some kind of mistake. After a discussion with her colleague (and a staring contest with me) she eventually said I could enter. I couldn't quite believe my luck, but it was a Little White Lies party so what more did they expect.

5. The party was almost everything I'd hoped it would be, instead of Jude Law and Johnny Depp we had Rick Edwards from T4. The waves were lapping at my feet, my wedges got stuck in the sand and I spent the night discussing films with like-minded people and unknown actors. But my final great moment of the day was devouring a pain au chocolat at 3am, a perfect end to a booze filled night.