17/05/2011 19:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

I Tried It: Technogym Luxury Bootcamp At Sofitel St James

Imagine a beautiful luxury spa pedicure and healthy but delicious breakfast. Then imagine that all that stands between you and that is one single hour of exercise making use of one of London's beautiful parks.

That's exactly what Sofitel London St James are offering via their partnership with Technogym. The result is a luxury bootcamp – the perfect combination of carrot and stick!

Photo courtesy of Technogym

What does it involve: The Technogym bootcamp sessions are headed up by a master trainer - in our case Susan Cass - and take place in the gorgeous St James' Park which is perfect for making the most of the summer weather.

The workout itself mixes periods of jogging or running with strength training exercises such as sit ups and pull ups. The routine makes use of the park setting – lunges by the pond, pull ups on the railings and a slalom run through an avenue of trees. No fancy equipment means anyone with a pair of trainers can take part.

Perfect for: Fitness fans who lack motivation.

Trainer Susan Cass explains that working out in a group can make you more likely to stick with a fitness routine: "Training in a group can give you more of a social reason so turn up. Not wanting to let your team mates and or trainer down is a great way of being a little more disciplined with the time you make for exercise."

It's also great if you prefer being in the fresh air rather than inside a gym.

New to exercise: The Master Trainers set the pace according to the group so if you find you're lagging behind the trainers have also built in plenty of opportunities to catch up.

If you're truly new to exercise, worry not. Many of the exercises have an easier option for those less accustomed to exercise and the trainers are great at distinguishing between 'not making the effort' and 'genuinely exhausted' so you'll only be judged on whether you're doing your best, not whether you're the fittest in the group.

Advice: If you're looking to fasttrack your weightloss Susan has the following advice: "There is no such thing as spot reducing weight loss, but where your body tends to gain weight first is naturally where is will come off. Weight loss is proportional to your body shape.

"To get quick results you need to think about your diet as being just as important as the exercise. You need to balance your calorie intake with your calorie expenditure. The more you put in, the more you need to expend, or it will get stored as fat. Find an exercise routine that works with your routine. If you can't fit in an hour 3 times a week, then some shorter sessions of 30 or 45 minutes can be just as effective if you take advice and use the time wisely. Think quality over quantity."

Photo courtesy of Technogym

What's the damage: Prices for the Bootcamp start from £80 per person and for the Luxury Bootcamp start from £105 per person including a 30 minutes treatment of your choice in So SPA by Sofitel.

Sign me up: You can contact So SPA by Sofitel on 0207 747 2204 to sign up for the bootcamp or for further information.