24/05/2011 14:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Newborn Diaries: Techno Babble

A couple of weeks ago, baby D crawled over to the television, pushed herself up into a standing position and turned it off. Kind of amazing, right?

The best part of this monumental achievement? Daddy had been watching the cricket for the millionth hour in a row and I think baby D - like her mother circa 2008 - had gotten fed up with it.

Nothing brought more joy to me than D's baffled father's look as he watched the scene from his perch on the couch. So much for his dreams of teaching Diana to do the scoring at his games...

Baby D has become fascinated by all things technological. From TV screens to printers to wires and mobiles and remote controls and keyboards and BlackBerrys, this kid is desperate to play with, tap, smack, throw, climb on top of and nibble on all of these gadgets and gizmos.

In an attempt to dissuade Diana from launching the keyboard across the room and manically dialling people from my phone, I bought her a singing phone and a baby laptop.

The phone looks like a mobile from circa 1985 and teaches D all manner of useful things like the lyrics to "Mary Had a Little Lamb," while psychedelically lighting up in various shades of red, orange and green.

So perhaps it's not surprising that D spends most of her time flinging this piece of plastic around the room. Before reaching for my comparatively boring, non-musical, black phone.

The baby computer is a personal favourite toy of mine because the mouse is in the actual shape of a mouse (Yes, I am that parent who falls for every marketing ploy out there). It also sings and lights up and teaches D how to count. Which I'm sure will pay off one of these days. For the time being, Diana's mainly interested in bashing it on our coffee table.

This obsession with gadgets is clearly a result of being her father's child (he wants to buy an iPad 2 so he can surf the net on the couch while watching TV simultaneously - ah, romance!), but I like to think that D is maybe taking after her mum just a tiny bit and trying to recreate a home office just like mine.

Of course, D's techie toys - fun as they are - have done nothing to deter her from the real deal. So if I've called you 342 times in the last 20 minutes, I apologise.