26/05/2011 07:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

George At Asda Celebrates 21 Years Of Supermarket Fashion

21 years ago today, George at Asda was the first supermarket fashion brand to hit the UK. Since then, George has established itself as a pioneer of the retail industry by providing us with a new way to shop. MyDaily caught up with Brand Director Fiona Lambert to find out what we can expect from George this season, who inspires her and what she loves and hates about working in fashion.

fiona-lambert George's Brand Director, Fiona Lambert. Photo courtesy of George

This is a significant year for George, what are the highlights of this season's collection?
For George's 21st year, we really wanted to celebrate what we're good at; stylish, wearable fashion at great quality and great prices. We picked some two items for the season, the dress which comes in three key styles; the shift in a 60s shape, the twist front dress in jersey and the maxi. I'm really pleased with how they have come out but the other key piece is the cropped capri pant. I love it in red, it's such a statement piece. Red definitely has that feel good factor, it's a really uplifting colour for the season.

George launched its mid size jeans range back in February. Are there any more innovative ideas in the pipeline?
Yes, we have got two new innovations. It's really important for George as a brand as we are an innovator. Asda was the first supermarket to sell fashion so it's important that we bring new things to the market as a market leader. I can't reveal what the new ideas are but they will be hitting stores in September and November this year.

George is a sponsor of Graduate Fashion Week. Will you be working with the new talent on show this year?
We are passionate about design. We've got 70 designers working across mens and womenswear and it's newness that makes our industry tick. The new talent is so important, bringing freshness and new ideas to the business so we had to take the opportunity to sponsor Graduate Fashion Week when it came up. It's going to be really tough for graduates to find employment so this year, we want to show that there are hundreds of different jobs on offer in the fashion industry. I'm also involved in judging the winners and we will be working with the winning graduate by giving them the opportunity to design a collection for online.

george-of-asda-dresses Dresses from the new George collection. Photos courtesy of George

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career?
Working with George Davies as part of the team that started George really inspired me. There was a real focus on how important the customer is as well as the importance of maintaining a high standard with design and quality. He [Davies] was very entrepreneurial and I've got that entrepreneurial spirit as well. I saw how much is possible when you put your mind to it. On a more personal level, Vivienne Westwood is my style inspiration. I worked as a design and pattern cutter for my first job so I really appreciate that kind of work in her designs.

Where's your favourite place to shop?
Like most people, I like mixing things so I wear designer with George. I'll wear a vintage scarf, designer shoes and a George dress. If you know you're own style, you can shop around and mix bits together.

What do you love and hate about your job?
Clothes can change how you feel and I love designing clothes for a brand that makes wearable fashion, so that feel good factor is accessible to everyone. However, I'm not very patient - I want things to happen instantly so if we've got a great new idea or a new design, I want it to be in the stores straight away when in reality, it's got to be made first!

What's your fashion staple?
I'm a dress person. I would say it's 80% dresses in my wardrobe. It's an instant outfit.

What's your most treasured item in your wardrobe?
I bought a Gucci evening dress that is like a work of art. It's hanging up in my wardrobe but I could hang it up on the wall. It's a beautifully cut dress and it's timeless so I can wear it over and over again. I've definitely got my cost per wear.

George's 21st birthday collection hits stores today. Visit George to see the full range.