What To Call The Grandparents - Granny And Grandad Or Gaga And Baba?


Whilst most grandparents are simply 'Nanny' and 'Grandad', a new survey has revealed some of the more interesting alternatives family elders get saddled with.

There are over THIRTY regularly-used alternatives to the traditional terms, with names such as Grumpy, Grampy, GaGa and Biddy being the new norm.

And with 28 per cent of children having five or more grandparents, thanks to extended and step-families, imaginative monickers are seemingly the only way to avoid confusion.

The poll - undertaken by gurgle.com - has revealed modern grandmothers are going by names such as 'Ma-Ma' and 'Baba', while Grandads are often 'Pop' and 'Dada' instead of 'Grandfather'.

The survey also found names from other languages being used, such as the Greek 'YiaYia' and Afrikaans 'Ouma' for Grandmothers and German 'Opa' and Welsh 'Taid' for Grandads.

The top 10 alternative Grandmother names were:

1. Ma-Ma

2. Baba

3. Nanou

4. Nain

5. Ouma

6. YiaYia

7. Nini

8. Nona

9. Biddy

10. Dodo

The top 10 alternative Grandfather names are:

1. Pop

2. Dada

3. Grampy

4. Grumpy

5. Bampy

6. Opa

7. Taid

8. GaGa

9. Babu

10. Grandy

So what do you call yours? Is it the traditional nanny and grandad, perhaps with their Christian name tagged on to avoid confusion, or do you have a weird and wonderful alternative to the norm? (We have a Nanny-Mad in my family, but shhh, don't tell anyone!)