02/06/2011 08:09 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Average Family Spends Over £20,000 On Their Children's Friends

Average family spends over £20,000 on their children's friends Rex

If you've been making cuts to balance your family finances, there may be one area you've been forgetting.

It turns out the average family spends a massive £24,587.37 on their children's friends, aka, 'kidditions' to the household.

According to a new survey, having your little one's friends around for play dates and sleepovers cost us, on average, £24,587.37 over a lifetime.

On average, families who have 'kidditions' at their house regularly spend £364.31 extra a year on groceries, £383.29 on additional home entertainment, £423.25 on days out and £444.86 on out of home activities to keep everyone entertained.

'While many families are trying to cut back on spending, some may not realise the amounts involved when entertaining their kids' friends,' explains Dan Rubel, brand director at who conducted the survey.

'But, with the cost of hosting just one kiddition, once a month, over the course a child's school life being the equivalent to five luxury family holidays, parents simply need to think more creatively about what they are spending on when kidditions come to stay.'

Do you feel the pressure to entertain and pay for your children's friends when they come to stay? Share your purse string horror stories below....