06/06/2011 08:10 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Male Pill: New Contraceptive For Men Just A Few Years Away

Male pill - new contraceptive for men just a few years away PA

Scientists at Columbia University in New York have created a contraceptive pill for men with no side effects, which could be available within a couple of years.

The drug impairs the man's body's ability to use vitamin A, which is vital for the production of sperm. The scientists behind it say it has no long term harm to male fertility, and sperm production is returned to normal as soon as the the man comes off the pill.

Male pill development is nothing new, but most are in the form of injections rather than tablets, and many are steroid based and carry the risk of heart disease and impotence.

So far the researchers have only tested the pill on mice but are hopeful the drug will be tested on humans within a few years.

Hmmm,great progress, but the big question of whether a man would REMEMBER to take the pill still remains though. Would you trust a fella who told you he was 'on the pill'?