09/06/2011 05:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Rio Ferdinand Tweets About Life With His Babies

Rio Ferdinand tweets about life with his babies PA

We're all used to Holly Willoughby, Posh Spice and Emma Bunton tweeting the ups and downs of life at home with babies and little people, but now the blokes are getting in on the act, too.

Footballer Rio Ferdinand - who recently announced by Twitter the arrival of his third baby - has taken to Tweeting about life with Lorenz, four, and Tate, two and newborn baby girl Tia.

And whilst Rio's spelling and grammar might not be up to much (and yesterday earned him a Twitter-bashing from Piers Morgan) there's no doubting Rio is a very hands-on dad - even if it does all get a bit much for him sometimes:

'Feeding time at my house with 3 lil ones under 5 is not for the feint hearted! Its like there's been a massive food fight in here!' he wrote yesterday, shortly after musing about his little sons' football skills:

'#Oooff! This weather is lovely, bakerloo! My lil men are flying about like loons, #2footedtackle moment may be on the cards!'

Though we are struggling to make sense of some of his posts - like this one:

'Is having a glass of red, listening to slipknot/jay z/madonna etc while winding ya lil 1 new wave parent skills?! I'm on one as Drake says!'

Er, translation, please, Rio?

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