14/06/2011 15:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum To Donate Womb To Her Daughter

Mum set to give womb to her daughter so she can have children Alamy

A British woman is hoping to become the first person in the world to donate her womb to her own daughter.

Eva Ottoson, 56, has agreed to help her daughter, Sara, 25, conceive after she was born without reproductive organs.

The procedure is planned for next year, and if it does go ahead, Sara could carry a baby in the same womb where she was conceived and developed.

Eva says both she and her daughter have had to take a 'rational' approach to the idea:

'My daughter and I are both very rational people and we both think, 'It's just a womb.' She needs the womb and, if I'm the best donor for her, well, go on. She needs it more than me. I've had two daughters so it's served me well.'

Sara, who now lives in Stockholm, was born with Mayer Rokitansky Kuster Hauser syndrome, which means she was born without a uterus. She says she's not really concerned about the procedure, and is more worried about her mum.

'I'm a biology teacher and it's just an organ like any other organ. But my mum did ask me about this. She said, 'Isn't it weird?' And my answer is 'No'. I'm more worried that my mum is going to have a big operation.'

If successful, Sara can try for a family by having her eggs fertilised via IVF with her boyfriend's sperm. Embryos would then be put into her new womb to implant and develop.

'It would mean the world to me for this to work and to have children,' says Sara. 'I am trying not to get my hopes up so that I am not disappointed. But we have also been thinking about adoption for a long time and if the transplant fails, then we will try to adopt.'

What do you think? A lovely way for Sara to have a family or just all a little bit odd?