15/06/2011 06:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kym Marsh Breastfeeding Row On Twitter

Kym Marsh breastfeeding row on Twitter PA

Kym Marsh has hit back at critics who have questioned her decision not to breastfeed her baby daughter, Polly.

The row broke out on Twitter, when a user claimed she was 'putting vanity' over what was best for her daughter, whilst another posted a message saying Kym, 35, 'didn't want to spoil her boob job'.

Furious Kym - who gave birth to little Polly five weeks early in March - wrote back calling one twitter user an 'ignorant pillock' and telling another to 'go be bitter elsewhere'.

'I stayed in bed for three months to bring my baby into this world after losing one so do not dare EVER criticize me." Kym wrote, calling one tweeter "a nasty excuse for a human being', adding: 'Let's hope you never go through what I did, ignorant pillock.'

'Done everything in my power to get my little girl here. Some nasty pieces of work, honestly.'

Kym said recently in OK! magazine that she had tried breastfeeding but was not producing enough milk. She also admitted that she had suffered from the baby blues, saying:

'I've suffered with the baby blues. The last time I was looking after a newborn was 13 years ago so to suddenly have this tiny baby, who isn't the easiest, is quite a lot to get used to. It's a shock.'

Did you feel bullied to breastfeed?