18/06/2011 21:57 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chauffeur Dads: Fathers Will Spend A Year Of Their Lives Driving Children


A survey of 1,000 dads has found that they will drive their kids the equivalent of a round-the-world trip by the time they reach 18!

The poll found that dedicated dads are ferrying their children a whopping 23,400 miles over the course of their childhood.

Typically dads will ferry children 25 miles a week on school runs, sports and social events.

Some fathers admitted to putting in even more miles than that, fessing up to taxiing their offspring more than 100 miles a week for various activities.

Amazingly, dads end up spending more time playing chauffeur to their youngster than they do carrying out DIY, gardening or going to the pub!

Does this ring true in your household?
Are you at your kids' disposal for driving duties?