26/06/2011 18:08 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Stacey Solomon: I Hated Being Pregnant And Suffered From Post Natal Depression


In a heart-wrenchingly honest interview with the Daily Mail, former X Factor star Stacey Solomon has revealed she 'hated' being pregnant and said her life as a new mum felt like one 'big long sad day'.

Speaking candidly about the run up to Zach's arrival, and her post natal depression after it, the 21-year-old confessed how shocked she was to discover she was pregnant at just 17, and how having Zach - now four - made her feel nothing but sadness and regret.

Stacey - who was recently crowded Foxy Bingo's Celebrity Mum of the Year - told the paper: 'I didn't really want to hold him. I didn't resent him, I resented myself and all I could think was that this was it, my life was over. I felt so hopeless. I didn't want a baby.'

Stacey's relationship with Zach's father, her now ex-boyfriend Dean, had only reached the six month mark when, in 2007, she felt ill whilst on holiday in Ibiza with friends. Stacey thought she had nothing more than an upset stomach.

'While I was there I felt sick a lot of the time. I thought I had a tummy bug. I had no reason to think I was pregnant because Dean and I had never had unprotected sex and I was having regular periods.'

Stacey considered a termination when a test revealed she was pregnant, but after seeing her 18 week old baby on the scan, decided she could not go through with it.

Stacey says she wishes now she had seen a counsellor after Zach's birth:
'I went through a difficult time but I bottled it up. Looking back, I think I would have benefited from seeing a counsellor, and anyone who is feeling low should talk to someone. I'm lucky I had my family to support me, and given time, I got better.'

Did you experience PND like Stacey? How did you cope?