28/06/2011 17:05 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Sam Womack: My Kids Will Not See My Final EastEnders Scenes

Sam Womack: My kdis will not see my final EastEnders scenes PA

EastEnders actress Samantha Womack has said her two young children will not be watching her final scenes when they air next week.

The actress, 38, is quitting the show after four years of playing Ronnie Branning.

In an interview in this weeks' Hello magazine, Sam says that Benjamin, 10, and Lili-Rose, six, will not see her courtroom scenes, which are the culmination of the controversial baby-swap plot.

She said: "Ben was very upset when he watched the episode in which my screen daughter Danielle died. So I learned my lesson and have chosen not to let him or Lili watch it, especially the more tragic stuff.

"Unfortunately, because of the way television is going there is a massive consumer need for controversy and high-risk storylines. We may not like it, but the viewing figures go through the roof."

The storyline - which saw Ronnie swap her dead baby for Kat's (played by Jessie Wallace) son - attracted more than 10,000 complaints from viewers. The show's bosses brought the story to a swifter conclusion because of public outrage.

Are you glad this storyline is over?
And is Sam right to ban her kids from watching the show?