30/06/2011 16:04 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Amazing Photos Show Birth Of Sextuplets In Just Three Minutes

Amazing photos show sextuplets being born in just three minutes Sextuplet baby A. She was born at 8.05am weighing 2lbs 5oz.

These amazing photos show the incredible moments as Heather Carroll is delivered of sextuplets over a three-minute period - in time to give her husband Mitchell his best Father's Day.

Mrs Carroll, 30, of Dallas County, Texas, had spent weeks in a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, waiting for the birth, which took place by Caesarean section between 8:05am and 8:08am.

Baby C. She was born at 8.06am weighing 1lb 15oz.

More than 50 medical professionals at Brookwood Medical Center helped in the delivery of the five girls and one boy, born at 28 weeks, who were described as healthy and ranging in weight from 1lbs 10oz to 2lbs 5oz.

The Carroll household more than doubled in size with the births of the six babies, as the couple now have NINE children.

After delivery, each baby was labelled with the letters A to F. The babies all came out crying and breathing for themselves and are all in a stable condition in the hospital's neonatal intensive car unit. Their mother is said to be stable and resting well.

Dr Bill McKenzie, who led the birthing team, said: "Heather and Mitchell Carroll were committed to this journey, their family and community were supportive, and God was faithful. I am so proud of this mother's toughness and appreciative for the excellent preparation and care she received at Brookwood Medical Center."

Congratulations to the family and huge good luck for the future.