30/06/2011 08:26 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Babies On Planes: Malaysia Airlines Extends First Class Baby Ban

Babies on planes: Malaysia airlines extends first class baby ban PA

Malaysia Airlines - who recently banned babies from travelling in first class cabins - have announced they will extend the rules to their new A380 super jumbo.

Exchanging Tweets with Australian Business Traveler magazine, the Malaysia Airlines' chief, Tengku Azmil spoke of the company's controversial decision to not have child safety cribs in the premium rate section of the plane.

Azmil said it had been a 'tough call' but that 'complaints' from first class travellers over crying babies had forced the decision.

He Tweeted: "Also hv many complaints from 1st class pax dat dey spend money on 1st class & can't sleep due to crying infants."

Mr Amzil was then asked about the new plane which would launch next year, and whether that would have the bassinets. He replied: "We r planning to stick to our policy for now."

What do you think?
Is this an entirely reasonable thing to do?
Why should first class passengers have their flights ruined by screaming babies? Or should you pay your money and take your chance - babies have as much right to travel first class as any one else?