01/07/2011 08:41 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dannii Minogue's Top Bikini Picks

Woooooow, the arrival of summer means we are probably going to be screaming with delight for cocktails on the beach and horror for that dreaded moment trying on a swimsuit post winter – Arrggghhhhhh!!!!!

No matter what shape or size, we all have our mix of insecurities and bits we want to hide, as well as bits we are blessed with and want to show off.

As I am in the safety of winter in Australia, I wonder how I would be feeling preparing my holiday beach wardrobe 10 months post-baby and a few weeks post-appendix removal... the words 'one-piece' come to mind ;)

I've been chatting to my UK style consultant Angie Smith for her advice, and there really is a swimwear style to suit everybody – the trick is finding the one for you. The one you love.

Many high street stores will let you buy your bikini tops and bottoms as separates so you can mix and match block colours with patterns to customize a look that highlights your assets, and get the perfect fit. So don't be shy, grab your beach towel – the water's gonna be Uh-Mayzing...

And if all that fails and you're still not sure, I like to throw on a Kaftan and a huge hat while my self-tan develops!

Just enjoy these precious sunny days and let your inner Goddess out to play...


PS Please learn from my mistake and never try to surf in a bikini like I did years ago. I got dumped by a wave and ended up with the bikini top around my ankles facing a beach packed with sun worshippers! Eek!

And a tip from Tabs... the zip of a wetsuit goes at the back! She learned this her first time surfing and never got it wrong again.

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