17/07/2011 18:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beauty Products For Gym Results

Beauty products that can give you gym results Corbis

Sick of doing endless sit-ups, lunges, crunches and squats as you strive to achieve your dream post-baby body? Could there be an easier way to get toned from top to toe? We've found beauty products that say they might just help you get gym results....


Rodial Arm Sculpt, £59.

This gel says it will smooth and tighten the upper arms by breaking down fat cells. The gel formula also combats the appearance of hyperkeratosis – bumpy, sandpaper-type skin that often afflicts the upper arm area. In a four week clinical trial, testers said skin roughness was reduced by forty three per cent, and the orange-peel effect reduced by thirty five per cent, while cell turnover increased by twenty per cent, leaving arms feeling more toned. The active ingredients in the miracle product include glaucine to smooth skin and Lypocare, a firming anticellulite complex of caffeine and coenzyme A which increases
lipolysis, the process of breaking down fat. It also
contains multi-fruit acid extracts, which help to s
hed dead skin cells for a fresher and younger appearance.

Pupa Inner Arm Shaping Cream, £42.

Test results apparently show this cream firms up skin after eight weeks of use, making your bat wings appear slimmer. It contains a so-called GYM2 Complex that acts on the skin like a 'cosmetic exercise', strengthening the structure of skin tissue. It also contains a water-soluble polymer that acts like a 'girdle', tightening and lifting the skin and improving the appearance of fine lines.


Mama Mio Get Waisted Body Shaper, £35.

Heralded as 'the holy grail' of slimming creams, this product contains seven toning and tightening ingredients including marine plants and extracts that are said to work by increasing lipolysis (the breakdown of fat). Also included are anti-ageing skin tighteners to firm up your silhouette.

Bliss The Love Handler, £30.70.

This zingy gel is billed as a 'liquid workout for lazy abdominals'. It contains mint oil to stimulate circulation plus slow-releasing caffeine and amino acids to boost cellular metabolism and shift fat. In studies, testers reported a trimmer waist in two weeks.


Mama Mio Shrink to Fit Hip and Thigh Cream, £44.

This cream works to tone up the thigh area and reduce the appearance of cellulite by breaking down fat pocket distortions and increasing circulation in the skin. Key active ingredients include Adiposlim™ a French algae derivative that in lab testing was said to break down unsightly fat clumps and shrink them in size, and Adipoless™ a complex that is said to prevent new fat cells from maturing into cellulite. Circulation boosters and firming ingredients include caffeine, brown algae, horsetail extract, rosemary and green tea.

Temple Spa Go Figure, £25.

This slimming gel is sold as 'magic knickers in a bottle' designed to hold in hips and thighs and attack cellulite. It contains Iso Slim complex with a biologically active form of soy isoflavone, which fights cellulite by promoting fat breakdown, and strengthening the dermis, keeping your skin tight and holding you in like a good old-fashioned girdle!


Nip & Fab Tummy Fix, £19.25.

Celebrity fans of this 'daily ab toner' for a flatter, more toned tum include Olivia Palermo, Kimberly Walsh and Alexandra Burke. It contains a formula called 'AmaraShape' with active ingredients caffeine and synephrine to smooth and tighten and burn away fat cells. Studies have shown a 2.5cm reduction in abdominal girth after six weeks' treatment.

Thalgo Slim and Sculpt Expert Flat Stomach, £41.20.

This 'gel corset' formula says it slims and firms with active ingredients including green coffee and yerba mate herbal tea to help break down fat, plus oats and rye to firm abdominal skin tone by 'building up the muscles' of the skin cells.


Methode Jeanne Piaubert Wonderfess, £72.

This bottom sculpting cream contains eight high-tech active ingredients which help tone skin on the bottom plus apricot extract to strengthen the dermis and Epidermosil® which helps plump up skin for a pert round finish a la Pippa Middleton.

Bremenn Butt Lift In a Box, £73.55.

This kit comes with a three-part 'programme' – a plumping catalyst cream to boost the shape of the bottom, a lifting and firming emulsion to perk up your posterior and a toning exercise brochure, too.