21/07/2011 11:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

The Best Bingo Wing Busters

If you've been afflicted by the dreaded bingo wings - that flabby bit of flash that flaps back and forth when you move your arms - it can be easy to get dispirited about your chances of firming them up. Have no fear, as we've found the three key exercises which will shift them for good and have you waving your arms for all you're worth.

Banish your bingo wings. Photo: Getty

Carrying out your regular gym routine - for example 30 minutes on the exercise bike and some sit-ups - is not going to target your arm muscles. Bingo wings are a lack of tone in the tricep muscles, which run down the back of the arm. Incorporate these three exercises into your workout, repeat four times a week and you should see a definite improvement within a month.

Press-up/assisted press-up
Using your own body weight as resistance is the perfect way to tone up those pesky wings. Build up the number of press-ups you do, starting with 10 and remembering to keep your back straight and legs in a line. If you find it hard to support your weight, do an assisted press-up by dropping your knees to the floor to take some of the strain.

Tricep dip
You can do these on a park bench, in the gym or using a sturdy chair at home. Sit on the bench, grasping the front edge of the seat with both hands. Lower your bum down off the edge of the chair keeping your feet flat and knees bent, with elbows pointing back. Lift yourself up and down, keeping your back straight and not allowing your bum to rise above the level of the chair seat. Start with 10 reps and gradually increase as it gets easier.

Assisted pull-up

You can head to the assisted pull-up machine at the gym for a great arm workout. If you're not in the gym, try and find a trim trail outside that has some chest-height parallel bars. Stand side on to the bars, grip onto one of the bars firmly with a parallel grip and bend your knees until you can feel the strain of supporting your own weight. Slowly try to lift your body from side to side using your feet and bent knees for extra help. Aim for five reps and be careful not to over-strain your biceps.

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