28/07/2011 07:38 BST | Updated 27/09/2011 06:12 BST

Should Facebook Remove Nirvana's Iconic Nevermind Album Cover From Its Fan Page? (POLL)

Facebook has made an apparent U-turn on its controversial ruling over the use of Nirvana's iconic album cover for Nevermind.

The album, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary on the site's official fan page, famously features a baby boy (actually Spencer Elden, the son of Nirvana's photographer) in his birthday suit, which apparently violates Facebook's strict terms of use.

Initially, the famous picture was removed from the Nirvana and Nevermind fan pages on the social networking site, but it is now back in full underwater glory. Whether this is down to administrative error or the power of the fanbase, is unclear.

Entertainment Weekly cites a Nirvana fansite administrator, who said that "[Facebook] sent us a form message. I'm guessing it's probably due to the baby penis - still making waves 20 years later."