28/07/2011 12:35 BST | Updated 27/09/2011 06:12 BST

PHOTO: How News of The World Celebrated Payne Campaign In Final Issue

News International has been hit by new allegations that it targeted the phone of Sara Payne, the mother of the eight-year-old Sarah Payne who was murdered in 2000.

The Guardian, who made the allegations, claimed that the phone was given to Payne by former-editor Rebekah Brooks.

The paper claims that Scotland Yard have found evidence that suggests that she was targeted by Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator who worked for the newspaper. Police had initially told Sarah Payne that her name was not in Mulcaire's notes.

The News of the World published a column by Sara Payne in its last edition on July 10 2011 that celebrated the paper's role in the campaign to allow parents controlled access to the sex offenders register known as Sarah's Law.

"The News of the World and more importantly the people there became my very good and trusted friends," she wrote in the paper's final edition. "God only knows why the News of the World has struck by me for so long... but the reason I've stayed with them is that they have always been a paper that cares and a voice for the people."