03/08/2011 13:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Look And Feel Great This Summer With NIVEA Fitness Club

Get fit for summer with NIVEA Fitness Club

Summertime's around the corner, which means gorgeous sunshine, lots of outdoor fun and showing off plenty of skin. Whether you're planning to hit the festival circuit in cut-off shorts and vest tops or just relax on the beach in your new bikini, you'll want your body to look and feel its best.

MyDaily caught up with renowned fitness and lifestyle consultant, Sarah Maxwell, to get her top tips on looking great for summer.

"A fabulous looking body needs just three things: exercise, great skincare and the right nutrition.

As a busy working mum, I know how difficult it can be to even think about working a regular exercise schedule into your hectic lifestyle. But with a little imagination and a positive outlook, it's easy to find clever ways of sneaking exercise into your daily routine to get you in shape in time for summer.

Even paying attention to your posture can really make a difference to your fitness levels. Keep your back straight, abdominals pulled in and shoulders back and relaxed, whether you're waiting for the bus or queuing to pick up some lunch.

It's also a good idea to fit in a simple exercise or two when you can. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Try doing chair squats. Playing with the kids? Bounce on the bed with them - you'll all have a great time and you'll be toning your muscles while having fun.

Even basic housework, like washing windows and dusting, count as exercise because they involve lots of reaching and stretching. Add another daily activity to your routine like walking the dog or the school run and you'll be surprised how much exercise you'll be clocking up in no time!

Complement your daily exercise with a clever body care regime, courtesy of NIVEA products, which are always a favourite with beauty editors and consumers alike. Help to increase skin's firmness with NIVEA Firming Q10 body lotion or massage in one of NIVEA's body lotions to soothe tired muscles after a long day.

In addition to focusing on your skin and body, paying attention to nutrition is key. I'm a firm believer that 'you are what you eat,' but I know how hard it can be to avoid temptation. Just like my exercise and skincare plans, I have a few top tips that I like to use to help anyone achieve a better diet.

Don't ever skip breakfast. It gives you the energy to have an active lifestyle, makes weight control easier and helps kick start your metabolism for the day ahead.

Also, know your weaknesses. Remember that supermarkets are specifically designed to tempt us, so if you're prone to impulse purchases, then become a list queen. Plan some delicious, healthy meals and make a list of the ingredients. If you stick to your list, not only will your diet improve but you'll also notice that your weekly shops become cheaper.

The best way to form healthier habits is to find things that are simple, fun and easy to do and integrate them into your daily routine, whether it's applying your favourite NIVEA moisturiser or thinking up a new way to exercise. This way you'll want to keep doing things which are good for you and your body day after day."

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