04/08/2011 17:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

When Parentdish Met Jedward...

It all seemed so straightforward... a lovely invitation to go to Hamley's on Regent Street and interview Jedward at the launch of the FurReal Cookie toy.

Lovely Jedward, the be-quiffed nineteen-year-old Dublin twins who wowed the X-Factor, sung their 'lil socks off for EuroVision, and who are noted for talking ten to the dozen and shrieking OMG! a lot. What could possibly go wrong?

Questions neatly typed up, and all thoughts of the research we did on them (watching a You Tube clip from Never Mind the Buzzcocks, re-visiting their X-Factor appearances) pushed firmly from our minds, we elbowed our way through the throng of tweens chanting for their troll-haired heroes on Hamley's top floor, and entered the Jedward lair, confident that all that shouting and squealing and OMG-ing and talking over each other was just an act, and that our interview would be sensible and coherent and revealing.


Cookie, the latest addition to the FurReal Friends family, is a super-soft, pint-sized golden retriever, with amazing voice recognition technology. She also responds to touch and makes cute puppy sounds! Cookie has already been named as one of the top ten Christmas toys by Hamleys and is available to buy from all good retailers, from RRP £75, from July 25, 2011. Visit for more information.