18/08/2011 07:57 BST | Updated 18/10/2011 06:12 BST

Charlie Sheen Spotted At Heathrow - On His Way To The Big Brother House?

Charlie Sheen has sent the rumour mill into overdrive. Spottings have been reported of the wayward star at .... drum roll... Heathrow Airport, and it's on the very day of Celebrity Big Brother's much-hyped launch on Channel 5.

If Sheen is indeed on his way into the BB house, he'll be carrying a hefty paycheque for his time. But Channel 5 may well regard him as a surefire investment, with viewing figures bound to go into the stratosphere for what will surely be unmissable car-crash TV with this reckless buccaneer on board.

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One Twitter fan, Alicia Evison, summed up his appeal: “If Charlie Sheen is on celebrity big brother then I change my mind, I am so watching that! #winning”

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