21/08/2011 12:04 BST | Updated 21/10/2011 10:12 BST

Liberal Democrats Urge David Cameron Not To 'Water Down' Rights Commitment

Liberal Democrats have urged David Cameron not to "water down" the UK's commitment to human rights, in response to the prime minister vowing to "fight in Europe" against the "twisting" of human rights.

After the party's former leader Sir Menzies Campbell told the BBC on Sunday morning that the European Human Rights Act "should lie right at the very heart of our constitutional circumstances", a Liberal Democrat spokesperson told the Huffington Post UK that reflected the party's views.

The spokesman said the prime minister's article in the Sunday Express where he rallied against the "misrepresenting of human rights" and vowed to "fight in Europe for changes to the way the European Court works" did not reflect Lib Dem opinion: "David Cameron is setting out his view quite clearly in the Sunday Express, our party would come at it in a different light."

He said his party would oppose "watering down" of the European Rights Act but not "some reform", admitting: "Some rulings do possibly impinge on the process of legislation in the UK".

The Coalition parties have openly different views on Europe, and an independent body is consulting on whether to introduce a British bill of rights.