24/08/2011 05:19 BST | Updated 24/10/2011 06:12 BST

UK Tech News Blast: Angry Birds, Watch Top Gear on Facebook, Touchscreen MacBook

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Today, we're talking gaming, BBM's superiority in times of crisis, how 3D printing will soon be everywhere, how Facebook is turning into a TV station and an Angry Birds cake edition.

Blackberry Messenger beats mobile networks during New York earthquake as cell phone networks go down. Following BBM's popularity in the UK riots, is this a tech win for Blackberry's makers RIM?

Smart CCTV will detect individual rioters, cherrypicking the bad from the good when events get hot. Comes with an "innocent bystander" filter, apparently.

Angry Birds game now playable in cake format. Nom.

You can now watch Top Gear on Facebook, if you can't work iPlayer. Is the social network now a TV station?

'In 20 years and 3D printers will be as ubiquitous as laser printers are today.' Put your order in for a printed '68 Trans Am Firebird now.

There are no functional couples in gaming. The Escapist Magazine asks why?

Is this the first Touchscreen MacBook Pro?

British Airways crew to use iPads in flight. For customer service, mind. Not to play with the new Bjork app.