24/08/2011 17:27 BST | Updated 24/10/2011 10:12 BST

'Big Brother' Stars Jedward Confess They Never Feel Lonely

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Jedward have revealed that instead of driving each other crazy, their constant closeness means they never feel lonely in the showbiz world.

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kerry Katona asked the former X Factor contestants whether they ever feel alone. John Grimes told her: "Only when I'm not with Edward."

The 19 year-old added they rarely feel the effects of solitude because they get to do everything together. Katona, mother of four, added: "Don't get me wrong, everyone [in the Big Brother house] is great, I just sometimes feel a bit lonely."

Speaking about their new found fame, twin brother Edward said: "Me and John always feel like we're on a school trip since the X Factor. We can go home, but it's still there."

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On Tuesday, Big Brother set the big-haired pair the task of staying at least five yards apart, receiving an electric shock whenever they got too close.

Soap star Lucien Laviscount ended the hope of romance with TOWIE star Amy Childs when he said the 21-year-old is too "wrapped up in her own world", announcing instead that the former Atomic Kitten was more his "type of girl".

But in the bedroom, the camera caught the Corrie actor and Amy dancing flirtatiously in front of the mirror.

Ladies man Laviscount has also confessed he has "the hots" for American Pie star Tara Reid and told model Bobby Sabel he would make his move if she wasn't married.