Joseph Tame Creates GPS Apple Logo In Tribute To Steve Jobs

A man in Tokyo has created a unique tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs by running a 21km route around the Japanese city in the shape of the technology company's logo.

After Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple last week citing continuing health problems, Joseph Tame, who has made a name for himself online with his peculiar brand of GPS-art, felt he needed to pay tribute in the only way he knew how.

Which is why Tame logged into Run Keeper, picked up his GPS-enabled iPhone and ran a route around central Tokyo which - which after a few zig-zags and turn-backs, resulted in an (almost) perfect Apple logo.

"Having an iPhone really has changed my life here in Tokyo," Tame wrote on his website. "It means I can go anywhere without getting lost, I have all my data with me at all times ... It’s for this that I’d like to personally show my appreciation to Steve for his vision and leadership, which has made a direct positive impact upon my life.

"I’d like to wish Steve all the best, and hope that his health improves."

Tame has run various other creative visual routes around the labyrinthine Japanese capital and keeps track of all his exploits on the Art of Running section of his blog.

We've collected a few of the best in the gallery below.

You can also find more about Tame at his blog or on Twitter.