01/09/2011 09:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Hot Or Not: George Clooney At Venice Film Festival

The 68th Venice Film Festival has opened its red carpets for business and one of the celebrities we have spied adorning the festival opening is that George Clooney fellow as he arrived for the world premiere of his political thriller The Ides of March.

George Clooney The photographers behind George award him a 12 and a 13 out of 10. Photo: PA

Now, given he's a man and it's a red carpet and he's wearing a suit he gets an automatic passing grade from the fashion police (although, whither the lost art of the impressive cummerbund, George?) but - and we're about to enter decidedly controversial territory here - is he actually swoonworthy?

A discussion in the office revealed two Clooney doubters, one enthusiast and one lukewarm "Well, if I had to." Granted, the face he's pulling in this picture isn't one of his finest but even without that we've started to wonder if we've just been conditioned to assume the man is hot by his continual appearance in lists of attractive people. Perhaps swooney Clooney is merely a creature of myth?

With that in mind, take a deep breath, abandon your previous Clooney preconceptions and let us know honestly- is he hot or not?

And can the gentleman hold his ground against the other major league hotties in the gallery below?

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